What changed to make the Post Office scandal a top political issue?

The real reason behind why the Post Office Scandal is finally getting the attention it deserves.

The story of injustice and the misuse of power has left a lasting impact on many lives. But why did it take over 20 years of investigative journalism by Computer Weekly, three BBC Panorama documentaries, month by month exposure in Private Eye and yet so much injustice left festering until the ITV drama was shown?

The Post Office scandal revolves around the faulty implementation of the Horizon computer system, which led to financial discrepancies in the accounts of sub-postmasters and mistresses across the country for many years. These discrepancies, often resulting in false accusations of theft and fraud, led to ruined lives, broken families, and devastated communities.

However, the use of video production became a crucial tool in unraveling the Post Office scandal. By showing documentary exposure using the power of compelling narratives and testimonials and both visual and educational content to show the real scandal and the truths behind it all. 

Through the lens of a camera, the victims' stories were heard and the truths of many lives were shown. The power of video production in showcasing real impacts in to people in their homes, their families and the emotions they went through was key to success. The ITV Post Office scandal is a true inspiration on how media should be used and presented. 

Here is what our JP Allard says was why drama and great acting worked to finally get our politicians to unlock a path to justice.