Design, Build & Support Development of In-House Video Production

Is your company trying to create it’s own videos and and realizing it’s far more challenging than first thought? We also help companies and creative Agencies design-build and operate their own internal video departments, training their staff, providing extra skills, cover sickness, absence or peaks and troughs in demand. Plus offer hire of a wide range of equipment and studio space in London and Milton Keynes. See our latest project where in less than 90 days we created a complete advanced studio production facility here

Results Driven Video Marketing Consulting 

Our clients benefit from over a decade of proven consulting experience on how to use their videos to engage and captivate and grow your target audience. After converting visitors into sales we help show them how to improve customer retention by developing new interactive customers services, reduce operational costs for example by deploying video for training, customer support to reduce support calls.

Our general support services include:


  • Scriptwriting and Storyboard creation.
  • Artwork and graphic design.
  • 3D model creation.
  • Setup and support of YouTube Channels.
  • Creation and support of LinkedIn
  • Showcase and Group Pages.
  • General WordPress, Squarespace and Webnode website creation and support.
Photo of John Allard and Susan Popoola planning the autocue
Managing Director John Allard and Susan Popoola developing the autocue for her book promotion
Photo of Truman and Kata filming Miss England's Grand Final
Truman and Kata preparing for Miss England 2021's Grand Final

Additional consulting and training services:


  • Video Consulting & Training
  • Audience creation and content planning
  • Treatment and video concept design workshops
  • Video presenting and camera skills
  • Filming and video technical skills training
  • Sales lead and CRM strategy and development
  • Customer service improvement strategy
  • Recruitment and hire of presenters
  • Audio to text transcription with subtitling of videos
  • Foreign language voiceovers and subtitling