TVNF is experienced in 3D animation and has been doing so for 10 years for small to large businesses, providing first-class 3D animation at offshore rates but with a UK team.

We have a range of satisfied clients including Aginode, Riello, HCL Technologies, Oysta Technologies, Roseview Windows, Reedbut & The Institute of Technology. 

Our 3D animation services allow you to show your brand as a story, not just a business. 
By crafting dynamic, immersive animations that show what your brand and story are, we can bring ideas to life. From concept to execution, our UK team of skilled animators and designers transform ideas into 3D showcases. 

Whether for marketing campaigns, educational purposes, or entertainment, we can help deliver 3D animations that elevate your content and, set a standard for innovation and creativity in the industry. 

If you're looking for 3D animation or want to share your ideas for your brand, you can get in touch with us below and we'll be happy to arrange a call.

Award-winning 3D animation production

Our 3D Animation services encompass products, 360 degree spin, virtual set design, architectural animation and cinematic 3D scenes.

Our most advanced work incorporates the mapping of embedding of 3D objects and creating feature length character animations. 

3D animation now represents more than 30% of our work and we have set up a dedicated international team of 3D Animation Wizards.

Example: Mixing live presenter with 3D

A short but highly effective presentation of advanced engineering in an exploded view with an actor standing in the display.

Example: Exhibition Video

The brief was to show the entire range of our clients products for display on large screens at major exhibitions.

They also needed us to blend in the use of new brand arrow motifs and colours.


Example: Character Animation

Brief was to attract next generation of engineers with diversity. Central character modelled on the current CEO with an heart string pulling narrative.

The project was directed by TVNF with an international team, delivered from inception within 90 days on a budget of less than £35,000, It achieved the Muse Award for best non-proft video and reached attracted an audience of over 600,000.


Example: Technology Demonstration


The brief was to show an array of features in action for complex data cabling system.


Example: Visualisation of Virtual Experience

The brief was to show the experience of a user of an advanced heat management application that allows engineers to easily remote view the thermo-dynamic performance of a data centre anywhere in the World.

Example: Product shows

This client already had their own inhouse 3D animation. They were struggling to get the slick 'Apple Product Style' they ideally wanted to show case how easilly their brilliant metal furniture design assembled.

This is resulting dynamic high-impact animation has helped take the brand image to where they wanted.

Example: Construction Demo

This client runs a fast-growing loft conversion business. They wanted this animation to promote as well as help explain how their loft conversions are carried out. The project was delivered in less that 2 weeks.