TVNF delivers an ‘out of this World’ livestreaming experience

The Video News Factory was tasked with helping the UK’s space industry and three Universities, Imperial College, London, Surrey and Edinburgh University run a huge National ‘Hybrid’ event.

Delivering a major all-day livestreaming event with virtual and physical guests is challenging enough with just a single location. So imagine running a hybrid event simultaneously in London, Surrey and Edinburgh and bringing all three locations into one properly coordinated ‘super event’. This is what The Video News Factory achieved on March 16th for the final Fairspace Conference. This UK Wide event brought together presentations and live demonstrations of advances in robotics aimed at clearing up space debris.

Based on previous success with a single Hybrid event at Media City, Salford. the Milton Keynes-based team was invited by Cosmonauts, a London-based Events company to piece together this ambitious ‘Hybrid’ event.

The TVNF were supported with hire of AV and staff from SelectBrief, who are one of Milton Keynes oldest events and exhibition production companies and conveniently based at the same Kiln Farm Industrial Estate. By combining resources from two great Milton Keynes companies TVNF was able to design and field a ten-man team with camera coverage, conference rooms, and live demonstrations in Robotics Laboratory in from Edinburgh University.

They managed all live streaming and full audio-visual support and coordinated the mixing of the overall production so that physical guests and presenters could interact with a Global virtual audience with Q&A sessions with experts from across the UK. TVNF managed the design and production and catered for many challenges such as adhering to strict COVID-19 health and safety regulations which still in force in Scotland at the time.

TVNF livestream space robotics event
Fair Space Zoom Capture
Fair Space Live stream Capture Set-up
Fair Space Livestream Room Display

Managing Director – JP Allard, Picture above at the Edinburgh University Robotics Laboratory commented

“Since 2015 we’ve been pioneers in helping apply livestreaming for many prestigious conferences, but the Fairspace project took us to a whole new level of production with ‘Space the final frontier’.” 

 A big thank you to our head of technology, Truman Gough, for assembling the project and the entire team including our partner SelectBrief who delivered all with fantastic professionalism and client satisfaction.