Author: John Allard

NEW Petition to help better protect creators and artists from A.I.

Stop criminal theft by A.I. mimicryI’ve made a petition – will you sign it?Click this link to sign the petition: Petition:Protect authors and creators from being mimicked by advanced machine learning.Update existing Trademark, Copyright, and GDPR legislations to prevent the livelihoods of millions of authors and creatives from having their work, identity, and style stolen and […]

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5 ways we've helped create outstanding content for major events companies

2022 has been our busiest year ever for events, running Live Streams for our clients and helping major events companies enhance their productions with a rich array of animated media, 3D sets to tight deadlines and budgets! Custom 3D Set & Virtual Production A major agency contracted with us to design a custom virtual set […]

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TVNF delivers an ‘out of this World’ livestreaming experience

The Video News Factory was tasked with helping the UK’s space industry and three Universities, Imperial College, London, Surrey and Edinburgh University run a huge National ‘Hybrid’ event. Delivering a major all-day livestreaming event with virtual and physical guests is challenging enough with just a single location. So imagine running a hybrid event simultaneously in […]

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