TVNF Winter Newsletter

Client Scripts and Presents Design and Build Project Success Story!

TVNF has carried out our second major project for Interior Options. This was filmed at Mitsubishi's UK H.Q. where they carried out a complete office refit. We helped Company Director Ivan Young script and present the narrative while building a matching shot list to bring the story of the construction to life. We also produced a shorter version for social media.

You can see the two versions here:

E-Learning Project Breaks The Record for Production

TVNF has completed over 80 videos filmed in just 3 days for an international company that needed to film educational videos to help combat diabetes. Using production methods honed over the last 10 years meant the directors were able to prepare, walk in with ease, and deliver presentations with a mixture of styles and techniques to suit different presenters. Post-production was managed using a combination of AI and other creative techniques. Using this approach, we saved time and dramatically reduced production costs.

Here is what our client had to say after the filming was complete:

MKi - Milton Keynes Innovation Circle

Milton Keynes has become renowned as one of the UK's centers of innovation. But we are challenged by our sprawling grid layouts making it harder for all the pockets of innovation to connect their ideas and experience. In October we launched MKi - short for Milton Keynes Innovation Circle. The event was filmed and a new Patreon site has been created to fund news, information, and future events.

Here's a video that shows how successful the event was.

Here is the MKi Patreon site, where you can catch all the highlight videos from the event: 

Media Training

TVNF's Cat King will be running a new course for Media Training. Cat has presented for the BBC, Bloomberg, and Forces TV and has been running corporate media training courses for many years. The course is being designed for business leaders and politicians who need to be better prepared for podcasting and dealing with radio and TV interviews.

You can find more information down below!

Cat King TVNF

TVNF Development

This year has been about building foundations for our next phase of development into a National Media Production Agency. The move to the new prestigious HQ at 100, Avebury Boulevard has given us the flexibility to open up locations in all the major cities. We have also recruited staff in Birmingham and Brighton for regional presence. At the same time, we have built on a network of skills with many ex-employees who work as specialists as well as added associate directors for commercial development, podcasting, and media training.

TVNF Team 2023
David White - Commercial Director

New Commercial Director

Dave White has joined us to drive business development. He brings excellent experience having built his own web-development company to £1M t/over. He also has excellent contacts and knowledge of the automotive industry where TVNF has also delivered many experiences.


If any of our recent projects resonate with your needs or if you have a similar project in mind, we'd love to chat! We're eager to collaborate and bring your ideas to life.