Your Business Expo – Milton Keynes

Our founder's experience at the Your Business Expo in Milton Keynes last month was nothing short of enlightening! 

Solopress is the UK's largest manufacturer of next-day printing for graphic designers, print resellers, businesses, and interviewed exhibitors and attendees from the Your Business Expo to gain insights into trade shows and valuable tips for everyone!

Our founder, John Allard was able to learn from industry experts on how to 'Exhibit Like An Expert' at trade shows as well as, spoke about which printed materials work well at exhibits and advice on new exhibitors!

Key topics mentioned in the video include:

- What can exhibitors do to make their stand engaging for attendees?- 
How should exhibitors follow up with interested attendees after the show, and how soon afterward?
- What advice would you give to someone exhibiting at a trade show for the first time?

Thank you to Solopress and Your Business Expo - Milton Keynes for having us and getting our thoughts!