Great construction project case-studies

Four stunning construction project case-studies 

How we capture the stories behind major construction success.


Case-study videos are vital to winning more business

Whether you are selling property, investor opportunities, or bidding for major construction and office interior design, "seeing in believing".

In just a few minutes a video can transport buyers to see your most impressive work, how it evolved, and the end result. This builds trust and confidence and helps get across your unique strengths, technology and innovation. 

A single video project can also produce lots media assets for use on your with versions of the video cut into social media promotion, images used in posts, newsletters, Google, LinkedIn and Facebook company pages, press and PR.

These are some of our best examples of how we've helped design video case-study stories, created with and without presenters and narration.


Office interior design office fitout case-study

Our client wrote and presented the story of this impressive commercial office fit-out project which was filmed over several weeks. You learn about the way they approach the design an see the construction from start to finish.

Showcasing building of a high tech demo centre

HCL Technology, one of the worlds largest IT companies trusted us to bring to life the development of their new multi-million-pound technology demonstration centre.

Kitchen construction case-study

Construction was filmed in just one day in a highly dangerous environment, every piece of modular building arrived and had to be assembled in less than 10 hours. We used a variety techniques to capture this unique day, including multiple time-lapse cameras, steady-cam, and drones. The story was delivered with advanced motion graphics.

Inflatable building case-study

Filmed over 3 days in Scotland with the client narrating their story, this project needed time-lapse and drone work augmented by superimposing 3D models to show the way this modular construction could be scaled up.